Woodcarve museum was founded in 1977.
The presents of collectioners and authors served as a promotion for future museum. Later the collection was enriched due to the obtains and expeditional material.
The aim of the museum is not only to collect, exhibit and preserve pieces of woodcarve, but also to help to restore the folk handcrafts, especially woodcarve.
The museum was like a kind of original school, where many craftsmen got their professional ingenuity. Their works are now exposed in many museums of Armenia, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Formally, the museum is divided into three parts:

  1. Ancient culture section
  2. Sculpture section
  3. Applied art section
    the works of modern professional sculptors, artists and masters of engraving are presented in the last two sections.

Samples of coexisting crafts are exhibited as well in the ancient culture section, so that to make the picture complete.
Such coexistence of modern and ancient works affirms the heredity and promoting development of art.
The museum has also an opportunity to expose handcrafts. The commercial exhibitions may give a new birth to many subjects that have become a history.